Today we will give you some tips for driving at night

Check Your Head Light
Make sure your headlight is working properly before driving at night

Don’t Drive Drowsy
If you are sleepy, refrain from driving as it can be very dangerous not only for you, but also other drivers on the road

Watch Your Speed
Don’t overspeed as during night time it can be harder to see

Make Yourself Visible At Night Time
By wearing bright attire, you will be more visible to other road users and, in turn, avoid accidents.

Get Enough Rest
If you have a long journey, you are encouraged to rest for every two hours. Get fresh air, do some stretching and get food and drinks to refresh yourself. As such, ensure that you are in the best state to drive. It is okay to arrive at your destination later so long as you are safe.

Please be a considerate driver whether you’re driving at night or during the day

When driving at night, remember the advice above, especially if you are a rookie driver. Please do not endanger yourself or other drivers