Is Your White-Painted Car Turning Yellowish?

Today, we will show you some tips on how to maintain a white-painted car :-

Wash Car Often
Make sure to wash your white car once a week. This is so that stains can be seen more clearly on a white surface. Regular car washing may retain the colour of the body paint and eliminate spots from it.

If you don’t wash your automobile for a month, black spots that develop on the paint will be difficult to remove. Examples include the area around the side doors and the bottom of the car.

Polish Your Car
To get rid of any scratches or stains on the car’s paint, don’t forget to polish it.

When polishing the car, clean the surface gently. Avoid leaving the polish on the paint surface for too long. If left too long, it will become hard.

Wax Your Car
A white painted car needs to be waxed more frequently. Car wax increases the brightness of the finish and shields the surface from any stains.

Waxing a car at home is simple. The wax is available from any hardware shop.

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