Major Violations Causing Road Accidents

Texting & Driving
Using a mobile phone while driving is one of the most common offences committed by drivers. Texting or making phone calls while driving is extremely dangerous because it can interfere with your ability to drive.

Running Red Light
Another common offence committed by drivers is running a red light. Some drivers accelerate only when the light turns yellow, even though this indicates that they are “ready to stop.” When the traffic light turns yellow, you should slow down. When the traffic light turns red, you must come to a complete stop or face an RM300 fine.

Cutting Traffic Queues
Cutting lines is also a major traffic violation. If you are caught crossing the line, you will be fined RM300.

Driving On Emergency Lane
All drivers want to arrive at their destination as soon as possible. However, this is not an excuse to use the emergency lane. As a reminder, an emergency lane is for authorities to assist road users in situations such as accidents.

Not Wearing Seatbelt / Helmet
Another major traffic violation is not wearing a seat belt or a helmet. Wearing a seatbelt in the front and rear of a car can reduce the risk of serious injury and accidental death by 50%.

Stay Safe On The Road, Be A Responsible Driver