Do You Know That The Purpose Of Car Horns Is To Keep Everyone Safe?

However, only use it when it is necessary in the situation. Today we will show you when to appropriately use your car’s horn :-

To Warn Other Drivers Of Danger
You can avoid accidents by alerting other drivers to your presence by honking your car horn. The following are some situations in which you should use your car horn:

Another Vehicle Unexpectedly Enters Your Lane
Other motorists fail to check their blind spots. A loud honk will draw their attention and direct them back to their proper position

To Warn Pedestrian Of Danger
The horn should not be used only when the driver is in danger. In fact, you can use it when you see a pedestrian crossing the street or using the road dangerously. For example, they may wish to walk in front of your (or someone else’s) vehicle. By honking your horn, it may save their lives.

To Warn Other Cars About Traffic Light
When the car in front of you is not paying attention to the traffic light, you can beep at them. For example, even though the traffic light has turned green, the vehicle remains stationary. However, don’t blow the horn right away because it will reflect poorly on you. Be patient; the driver may have only recently noticed the traffic light change and is now ready to proceed. Please be courteous and wait several seconds before honking your horn.

Let Us All Be An Ethical Driver